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Women's Choice of Missoula is now closed.

All records requests must be sent directly to Community Medical Center at:

2827 Fort Missoula Road
Missoula, MT  59804
Phone:  406-327-4085
Fax:  327-4510


Dr. Braak is retiring and Women's Choice of Missoula will be closing on December 31, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get my medical records after December 31st?

All patient records will be stored by Community Medical Center (CMC) and can be accessed by downloading and filling out the records request form below. You may also go to the medical records department at CMC to fill out the paperwork. Please be sure to fill in the name of the doctor or clinic to whom you would like to have your records forwarded.

Who will be taking over Dr. Braak's practice?

The times they are a-changin’ and very few new doctors want to take on a private practice. In general, they prefer to be employed by a hospital. Dr. Braak is one of a dying breed of independent physicians. When she closes her doors Women's Choice of Missoula will cease to exist and the other OB/Gyns in the community will take in her patients.
Who does Dr. Braak recommend I see for OB/Gyn care?
Dr. Braak has confidence in all the OB/Gyn physicians practicing at Community Medical Center. Below is a list of the current OB/Gyns, listed from oldest to youngest. You may want to establish with a younger doctor to see you through many years of care. On the other hand, if you know you'll need gynecologic surgery in the near future a more experienced physician may be appropriate. The most important criteria is finding a doctor you feel comfortable with and can communicate with easily.

Valerie Knudsen MD - Solo independent practice
Timothy Burke MD - Solo independent practice
Gary Harvey MD - independent practice with Dr. Wyman
Scott Wyman MD - independent practice with Dr. Harvey
Leah Miller MD - Employed by Community Medical Center
In addition, three new OB/Gyns will be joining Community Medical Center next year in the fall. They are all related to Dr. Tom Baumgartner who practiced in this community for many years and was beloved by his patients and his peers. His son, daughter and daughter-in-law will be carrying on the family tradition of providing high quality obstetrical and gynecologic care.
How will I get my prescriptions refilled?
Before December 15th have your pharmacy fax a refill request and if she can, Dr. Braak will refill it for a year. If you haven't seen her for over a year, she may require an appointment prior to filling the prescription. After the clinic closes, if you have a primary care provider they may be willing to take on your prescriptions or just give you enough to last until you establish with another OB/Gyn. If these options are not appropriate for your situation, think ahead and make sure you establish with another physician before your medication runs out.

Why is Dr. Braak leaving?

She is retiring to concentrate on her two favorite things - skiing and hiking. She will live the life of a ski bum until about April when she will start tooling around the country in her little R-Pod, visiting national parks and hiking. At some point she plans to rejoin the Peace Corps and go to Mongolia. She loves this beautiful mountain town and will miss all of you. But, really. Mongolia? How could she resist?

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