Mel Blomgren

Dr. Braak is great. She’s very approachable and willing to take the time to discuss your issues, yet skilled and knowledgeable. As a nurse, it’s great to have a doctor other nurses recommend and trust. Bev and her staff are wonderful-go for it guys!!

Mel Blomgren

Dr. Braak just delivered my second in February. I made the switch to her as my O.B. about 7 months ago. I am very thankful I made the decision to go to her. Not only is she very straight forward but my experience was very personal and I couldnt have asked for more. I went from being a number and lucky to get an appt when i needed to always being able to be seen by dr. Braak. She is an excellent dr!!!

Brenda M

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Dr braake is the best doctor. Switched to her at 28 weeks and I absolutely loved her. Wish I picked her in the beginning.

Rachel P

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I love Dr Braak. I switched to her after listening to her ads on the radio. She talks to me and explains all my options. She addresses each and every concern I bring up.

Debbie N

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Jessica & Baby Olivia

Dr. Braak was excellent through everything! She answered all the questions we had and was very understanding throughout the whole pregnancy. Even when I thought I was being silly, she was awesome.

Jessica & Baby Olivia

As a person with multiple medical issues and tons of doctors, I have high standards when choosing them. I came upon Dr. Braak by chance but it was the best thing that could have happened. She helped me through the hardest and the happiest times in my life. She has helped me bring three miracles into the world, for which I will be eternally grateful. Even after having kids, Dr. Braak has made my health and well being a priority. I wouldn't have made it through the toughest years in my life without her. She is by far the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure of seeing!


Not only was Dr.Braak very kind but she was conversational and made me feel comfortable. Her staff was pleasant and I'm glad that I chose this highly recommended office. Thanks Doc!

Charene Herrera

I am having my first baby and so far Dr. Braak answered all of my questions and was very nice in doing so, she explained everything to me in ways I would understand. She has amazing bedside manners. I went with my sister to see her OB and was not satisfied, however after meeting with Dr. Braak I feel more comfortable and am not as scared as I was before.

Kiley Newton

Dr. Braak is an awesome provider and was the only person who I would have wanted to deliver my babies. There were complications with our second baby and I completely attribute the success we had with our delivery to her quick actions. She's outstanding as a physician and I couldn't recommend her more.

Stephanie Harger Domitrovich